Welcome to Eumundi World Cinema - movie club? adventurous food club? social club? culture club? 

Now nearing the end of its second year, it's still a bit hard to define.  Come along and find out for yourself the delights of fine food, fine movies and fun.

 Our mission is to inspire and engage people through the experience of international cinema, building cultural awareness and understanding through high quality, award winning international film while enjoying delicious fresh regional food.

It's many parts include intriguing short  films, well loved or obscure classic movies and lively quirky current movies, witty and original culinary creations, and a fun themed atmosphere.  The sum of these parts makes for a not to be missed monthly social evening that more and more people are popping into their diaries.

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Eumundi World Cinema AGM - 6:00PM Wed 9 December 2015

You are invited to join us for the 2015 AGM to be held at Eumundi School of Arts Hall at 6:00pm preceding the movie on 9 December 2015.  If you would like to contribute to the future success of Eumundi World Cinema, please come along and have your say on 9 December.


Director: Joachim Roenning & Espen Sandberg

Wednesday 9 December at 6:40pm for supper. Movie starts at 7:05pm

The film is the dramatized story of Thor Heyerdahl and his Kon-Tiki expedition of 1947.

While the prevailing theories of the time held that Polynesia had been settled by peoples migrating from the west, Heyerdahl, an experimental ethnographer and adventurer, sets out to prove his theory that people from South America settled the islands in pre-Columbian times.

Noting similarities between statues found in South America and the Polynesian moai, Heyerdahl's theory about the origin of the Polynesian people is bolstered by Polynesian folklore that tells of an ancient tribe called the Hanau epe that are said to have once inhabited Easter Island.

While most experts hold that such a voyage across the vast ocean is unlikely to have ever been successful, in order to illustrate that there were no technological limitations that would have inhibited the ancient peoples from making the journey, Heyerdahl puts his theory to the test and builds a balsawood raft using the same techniques that would have been utilized 1500 years ago by the indigenous peoples of the region. Though he himself cannot swim or sail, he sets out on the treacherous 4,300 nautical mile-journey across the Pacific from Peru to Polynesia aboard the small raft, along with his crew of five men (and a macaw named Lorita).

During the three months aboard the primitive vessel named after Inca god of Sun and storm, Kon-Tiki, the crew's scientific reenactment of the legendary voyage from the coast of Peru to the Polynesian islands is met with setbacks in the form of storms, sharks, and other perils of the open sea. Source: Wikipedia

Kon-Tiki screens on Wednesday 9 December at 6:40pm for supper (movie starts at 7:05pm) at Eumundi School of Arts Hall, Cnr Memorial Drive and Pacey Street, Eumundi.

Join us for supper, BYO drinks and a camping chair if you wish.

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In November, we screened The Lives of Others written and directed by Florian Menckel Von Donnersmarck, a thriller about the rise and disillusionment of the Stassi in East Germany before the fall of the Berlin Wall and the lives impacted.

Our supper was a German feast of sauerkraut, vegan 'meatballs' in a tomato gravy and potato bake with a dessert of a delicious mousse from the French patisserie at Peregian Beach with vanilla ice cream and berries. 

Thanks once again to Trent and Katie Harvison of Starry Night's Outdoor Cinemas (screen, equipment and videographer), Lisa and Bruce Williment from Parti Events (fabulous theming).  

And the event would be impossible if it were not for our fabulous volunteers Paula, Sharon, Dave, Viv and Marilyn. Thank you for taking us around the world one movie at a time!

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If you missed the movie or would like to see other movies in the EWC movie collection, you can now access a blu-ray/ dvd from Elfi at The Nest @ Eumundi.  Just drop in and show your 2015 membership badge.