Director: Cesc Gay

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Childhood friends Julián (Ricardo Darín) and Tomás (Javier Cámara) were once inseparable. Eventually, the two have lost sight of their friendship.

While the divorced Julián remained in Spain where he has lived through the highs and lows of an acting career, the teacher Tomás emigrated to Canada, where he has built up a peaceful existence together with his job, his wife and his children.

After a reunion one day in Madrid, their friendship survived once again, as if it had never fallen asleep.

Together the two spend a few wonderful days in the city full of nostalgic memories and unforgettable experiences -knowing that this will probably be their last reunion because Julián has been diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Please join us for this wonderful Spanish film, which reflects on friendship, honesty and acceptance. Here is what the critics have to say:

'Not your typical cancer drama anchored in grief, instead a clear-sighted journey that makes demands on one's emotions in the most unlikely ways.' Scott Marks, San Diego Reader

There isn't a mawkish moment to be found, though there are plenty of lovely, humane ones, as well as some that are quite funny. Mick LaSalle, San Francisco Chronicle.