Thank you for letting us know that you are coming along on Wednesday 17 April to see Let the Sunshine In by director Claire Denis.

Your support really helps with our planning to make  each event run a little smoother. If you are bringing a guest or two you can add them to your RSVP and also advise us of any dietary requirements.

We aim to provide delicious quality whole food that is fresh, organic, gluten free and vegetarian as much as possible (but occasionally can include dairy, fish and nuts) but if you let us know early of any special dietary requirements we can accommodate your needs.

Simply hit the RSVP button below, complete the form and send it through to us by Sunday 14 April.  This helps us with catering so your assistance in rsvp'ing early is really appreciated.

We will look forward to seeing you then!  

If you can't make it, and you are an EWC member, you can pick up the DVD/Bluray at our April movie night.

PS: If you have a question and would like us to reply to your RSVP, please leave your email address or phone number in the message box and we will get back to you (this form does not have a reply to sender option).